Top 20 Best Courses in Nigeria Universities

Whether you’re just fresh out of secondary school or you are trying to take up another program in university, you will need to put some careful thought for the course you will enroll for next.

This is because you don’t want to waste the money you are going to pay for your tuition fee and also, your time in registering for the course and deciding midway during the semester that you don’t like the course which you’re currently enrolled on.

Additionally, it’s necessary to choose the best course you’ll enroll on since this will make or break your career after you complete your studies. As such, it truly is important to carefully think of most marketable course in Nigeria and you need to research before registering for one.

To help you find the most top 20 best courses in Nigeria, we have compiled the list of degree courses with best employment opportunities in Nigeria.

  • Medicine.
  • Economics.
  • Business & Administrative Studies.
  • Geology
  • Computer Science/IT
  • Nursing
  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Agriculture Science.
  • Health Education
  • Home Economics
  • Marketing
  • Graphics Art.
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Fishery.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Physics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Law
  • Chemistry


Worst courses to study in Nigeria

  • Primary Education
  • French
  • Sport
  • Sociology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Geography
  • Language
  • Religious Studies
  • Political Science
  • Music
  • Zoology
  • Library and Information Science
  • Fine Art
  • Philosophy
  • Social Studies
  • Mass Communication
  • Botany
  • Physical Education
  • Theatre Art
  • English Literature

In overall, you need to check the career prospects of the course you choose. You don’t need to take a course that would be considered “obsolete” or not helpful in the future.

As such, when choosing a good course in the university always read about the career prospects and find out the employment opportunities available for you when you graduate.

After studying, you will definitely want to find a great job immediately and earn financial freedom. You can reach this goal when you decide on the best course today.





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