Top 10 Tuition Free Universities in USA For International Students

The prospect of attending college can be both daunting and exciting, especially given the current price of tuition. Tuition costs often exceed $38,000 for a four-year degree for students attending a college in the U.S, based on The College Board.

And on average, tuition is more than double that amount for pupils attending a school from their home state. This can make higher education look completely out of reach for many students. While affordable online schools are a fantastic place to start, sometimes it is not still enough to bring college within reach.

However, there are a few colleges and universities offering free college tuition to qualified applicants. Normally, tuition-free schools serve students who can verify their low tuition status in a specific region or state.

Admission is extremely competitive, and several schools need admitted students to maintain a demanding work-study program while earning their degree, in addition to meet strict service commitments following graduation.

Free online degree programs are tough to come by nowadays, particularly the tuition free Universities in the USA. Below, I’ve compiled the list of free universities in USA and you should be able to click on the link of every college to learn additional information about the admission requirements.

Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities in the U.S For International Students

1. Berea College

Berea also helps students with different expenses, such as meals, room and board, by offering a work study program. Students also get a free laptop to use while they’re in school. Berea gives the opportunity to major in several diverse subjects.

2. Alice Lloyd College

U.S. News and World Report ranks Alice Lloyd College one of the Finest U.S. schools for graduating with the least amount of debt. This Kentucky school offers guaranteed tuition to any student in the faculty’s 108-county Central Appalachian service area. Pupils work 10-20 hours per week to pay their way. Alice Lloyd offers degrees in a broad array of fields, in addition to pre-professional programs.

3. Webb Institute

The Princeton Review ranks Webb Institute one of the Best Value Colleges in the United States. The school is well known for giving a top-notch engineering education together with full-tuition scholarships to anyone who attends. Students reside in a mansion while they attend college and engage in paid internships for additional cash.

4. College of the Ozarks

Located in Missouri, the College of the Ozarks is a conservative Christian college that cheerfully discourages student debt. The school was nicknamed ‘Hardwork U’ because students work 15 hours per week to be qualified for tuition-free. The College of the Ozarks favors applicants that are financially needy.

5. Curtis Institute of Music

The Curtis Institute of Music presents full-tuition scholarships to everybody who gains admission. The faculty is very particular when it comes to applicants, accepting just 160 new students every year. People who do get in can expect to receive an exceptional education from one of the greatest music conservatories in the world.

6. City University of New York

The City University of New York presents full-tuition scholarships to students who enroll in their Teacher Academy. Every student who enrolls is qualified. Students also get a full-time teaching position in a New York school upon graduation.

7. U.S. Academies

Students who attend any of those U.S. academies get a complete FREE tuition fees. They also get a monthly stipend in exchange for support. Although, each program differs, most require applicants to get a congressional nomination in their state congressional delegation. Applicants must also pass a physical fitness test and fulfill other requirements.

8. State of Washington Universities

University of Washington

Washington State University

The University of Washington and Washington State University offer need-based applications that cover full-tuition and fees. The applications are available to in-state residents who meet State Need Grant or Pell Grant requirements. Special scholarships are also available to out-of-state students who need help covering the cost of tuition.

 9. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering

At one time, the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering provided a full-tuition scholarship to anyone who attends. The school has since decreased the student policy by 50 percent. Nevertheless, Franklin W. Olin College still offers one of the biggest merit scholarship programs in the country to all admitted students.

10. Deep Springs College

Located in Big Pine, California, this licensed two-year college provides full scholarships for each pupil, valued around $50,000. Pupils work for these scholarships: they are employed on the school’s cattle ranch and alfalfa farm to cover tuition, room and board and other expenses. Most the pupils from Deep Springs College move on to a four-year school where they finish their bachelor’s degree.

As of January 2014, Deep Springs College was a men’s school. Nonetheless, the college is pursuing a transition into co-education now.






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