List of Universities in Nigeria That Does Not Require JAMB For Admission

If you are in Nigeria and a student, you will need to know what is required to sit for JAMB examinations. You should be aware that your JAMB result should be that particular score for one to obtain admission in Nigerian Universities.

Although, If you pass the JAMB, the JAMB website cut-off marks and UTME will require a high score in order to obtain admission in your university of choice. That is when you’ll begin considering universities who do not ask that you write JAMB to be acknowledged as a university student.

There are a few universities in Nigeria that do not need JAMB before one can gain admission into that university. As a result of the mass meltdown in JAMB, students find it difficult to gain admission.

Most times they pass the JAMB exams, but they still find it hard because of cut off points needed by the University for a specific course. People who have written JAMB before, understands the implication or how it looks like to sit down and write a specific examination every year.

At most, the applicants get tired of sitting for the exam and they search for other options or solutions that will help them enter university on time, rather than sitting down every year to write an exam until you see your name on the admission list.

In this article, I will show you a list of universities in Nigeria that doesn’t require JAMB before admission and also other programs that would benefit you in many ways.

List of federal and state universities you can attend without jamb

National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria doesn’t require you to write JAMB before admitting you into the school; they are currently accepting applications from interested students who want admission.

However, they are many things you will need to know about the school before you start your application. Even though, the university does not require JAMB, it’s been said to be one of the toughest schools to get into, due to their semester exams.

Anyone can easily log into the official website of the National Open University of Nigeria and complete the application form, thus the school is not the easiest university to gain admission in Nigeria.

NOUN University can be found in many parts of Nigeria, the school does not go on strike like other universities in the country and the length of the majority of its programs is 4 years.


The program given in this school is called interim joint matriculation board. It’s an A’level program which runs for a duration of 9 months; and after the program, it qualifies the student to gain admission into 200 levels in any of the Nigerian universities through direct entry.

The program does not require your JAMB result, but your O’level WAEC result is required. The programs offered in these schools are legitimate programs; and you can check the JAMB brochures for the above mentioned universities in Nigeria that don’t require JAMB.

Private Universities

You can easily get admission into private universities without JAMB, all you need is your O’level WAEC result, and if you can afford the tuition fees; then you’re all set. In other words, a student can walk into the school with the necessary WAEC results and will be admitted without a JAMB, and even a few are admitted without any WAEC result, but it is on a special condition.

Diploma School Or Pre-Degree Program

Apart from the lists of Nigerian universities that does not require JAMB, diploma or pre-degree programs which applies to school like DELSU, UNIPORT, ESUT. This program is meant for students who want to study in any specific university.

A diploma program is a program that runs for 1-2 years in a university and after the completion you’ll receive admission with direct entry into 200l. The pre-degree application is a program that runs for 7 or 9 months; after the completion and the passing of the final exams you can easily seek for admission into 100 levels in any of universities in Nigeria.

I hope this article has answered your question on the universities in Nigeria that do not require JAMB before admission? If you have any questions or concern, you can leave your comment below.







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