At What Age Can You Enter University in Nigeria? – Clear the Confusion Now

Getting admission into university is always a headache, especially when it comes to admission process in Nigerian universities. You have to be smart enough to gain admission to your university of your choice.

With that being said, there is no easy admission in any Nigerian universities. You need to consider the university age limit that a student can enter university in Nigeria. A lot of my readers have been asking at what age you can enter university in Nigeria.

The 16-year minimum age for university admission in Nigeria doesn’t have legal backing, but it’s become more or less the standard, so far as university admission in the country is concerned, although, some universities break away from the norm to admit students as young as 14 and 15. This is unlike the American universities; that you can enter the university at any time you’re qualified to enroll.

Specifically, schools like the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) are far more direct in their position since it maintains that, “No student under the age of 16 years may be admitted to the university as a student.”

However, some respondents, who spoke to Harvard professors on the problem of age limitation for varsity admission, admitted that allowing students under age 18 to gain admission in Nigerian universities has its own merit and demerits.

Most universities still maintain that 18 years old continues to be a reasonable age for a student to enter his/her journey in a tertiary institution.  Even though, some parents and associations in Nigeria have abused that gesture. Globalization has made students very smart in learning, as a result of the introduction of innovative learning devices, as well as the Internet.

But it’s not always a good idea to allow students under age 18 into the Nigerian universities because most of them still have low Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and cannot meet up with the requirements of their society.

Admitting students below the approved age could also cause stress and psychological instability when you talk about university entry requirements. Some of the students are simply not equal to the multi-tasking character of life in higher institutions.

We’ve witnessed a situation at the University of Lagos, where a student went berserk because his mental capacity was not capable of assimilating what he was studying, and getting used to the ways of life at the university.

In overall, one thing that they don’t realize is that these students are barely matured for a number of the phases they find themselves. Nevertheless, the fact some students adapt easily in academics, while a number of them are not serious and end up becoming a whole lot of nuisance doesn’t make the smart ones ready to enter the university.

So, there is no minimum age for university or even maximum age for any university in Nigeria.

In my opinion, some parents have different reasons why they let their kids get into higher institutions; even though they know the kid is actually underage.

Most parents really want their kids to get done with school early in life, get a job where available and get married in time as well.








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